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Desiccant Breathers

Whitmore®'s Desiccant Breather line, Air Sentry®, sets the standard for contamination control. These breathers have state-of-the-art features that reduce particulate and moisture contamination, keeping your equipment and fluids lasting longer. The innovative breather line integrates check valve technology in a desiccant breather and offers replacement cartridges, to significantly reduce maintenance costs. The clear view 360 degree design makes it easy to inspect the saturation of the color-changing silica gel from a distance. The inert silica gel turns from gold to dark green to visually indicate the adsorption of moisture and confirm the breather is getting the job done.

Air Sentry products cover a wide range of application requirements. The line consists of Good, Better and Best options designed to meet your specific application and duration specification.

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Our Desiccant Breather Products

  • D-Series Desiccant Breathers
    D-Series Breathers feature numerous models in a variety of sizes, all ... More
  • L-Series Desiccant Breathers
    L-Series Breathers are available with 100% silica gel or activated car... More
  • M-Series Desiccant Breathers
    M-Series Breathers are designed from heavy-duty materials capable of h... More
  • R-Series Desiccant Breathers
    R-Series Breathers are ideal for heavy equipment that is productive an... More
  • XR-Series Desiccant Breathers
    XR-Series breathers were originally engineered for the wind power indu... More
  • X-Series Desiccant Breathers
    X-Series Breathers are the perfect solution for high humidity and high... More
  • Z-Series Desiccant Breathers
    Z-Series breathers are designed for applications where space is limite... More
  • Guardian® Series Desiccant Breathers
    GUARDIAN, Air Sentry's industry leading breather series, features an i... More

Guardian Add-Ons

  • High-Capacity Air Filter - GHCAF
    GUARDIAN's High-Capacity Air Filter can be used with a desiccant catri... More
  • Integrated Compound Vacuum/Pressure Gauge - A655
    This proprietary feature is an accurate indicator of filter conditions... More
  • Modular Stackable Ring™ - GMSR
    Stack cartridges to extend the life of breathers using the Modular Sta... More
  • Shield Wash-Down Cap - GSWDC
    The cap provides a barrier in environments where equipment wash down h... More
  • Isolation Check Valve
    Isolates the adsorbent from exhaust air to lengthen the service life o... More